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I believe that every true artist has his or her own touch that will transcend style, genres, and textures altogether. If you gave every artist the same tool set, I think they would each come up with something unique.

Please is my attempt at using the tools I have available to me to create my own style of pop music. This isn't to say that it sounds like the pop music most of the world is listening to, it just means I'm trying to make my style clean, short, punchy - in a word, accessible.

For Please I bring in genres I am comfortable with and try and mix them with what I am doing, but most of the album is just me sitting down, writing songs and trying to keep the main goal of the album in mind.

People who have heard Tape will recognize my personality being present in my music, and new listeners - I hope - will find it a pleasant surprise. However, with Tape and my work with Zach Johnston as We Will Build under my belt, I am more comfortable with my voice and my ability to sing (or the lack thereof). This means both my voice and the lyrics themselves are more naked. Remember, pop is in mind. I don't use as many metaphors and - for the most part - I mean exactly what I say. I would like to have everyone able to understand most of my lyrics. This is why they are simple.

All and all I think Please is my most solid album to date. The four months I spent writing, recording, and producing it have been some of the most musically invigorating in my life. It is a very personal album to me and I hope you can relate to parts of it and at least enjoy the rest. I will continue to write music as I try and build a satisfying life I can be proud of. It gives my restless soul peace.


released April 28, 2007

Please is dedicated to Zach Johnston, my best friend and We Will Build partner. Zach (Shiz) not only shares my vision of a purposeful life and gives me the most constructive feedback I could ask for, but he also shares his drive with me when I run out. When I'm not kicking my own ass, Shiz is. It's safe to say that if it weren't for him I wouldn't be living half of my life. Thanks pal.

I'd also like to thank Alex Schenck for making the monotonous day-to-day things bearable, Estee Schwartz for revitalizing my creativity and making me feel warm, Michelle Vita-Sipe for being my forever-friend and keeping me somewhat stable, and Laurie Kody for believing in me and wanting to help me save the world.

There are some people that gave me a lot of support without realizing it. James gave me free hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth back when I was still in the 11th grade. Without this outlet, my music never would have been heard by anyone and I wouldn't have had the feedback I did that kept me going all these years. Xepher shares my belief that one of the purposes of the internet is to support free art and free information, and he has done more in that vein than he will ever realize. Conor and Nathaniel at I Guess I'm Floating wrote an article (this one) that made me believe that other people also might someday think I make great music. I have a fire in me that gives me drive, but that can only take a man so far. When complete strangers that write about music all the time call your work "amazing", it keeps you going when you give up on yourself.

Also, Freesound is an online Creative Commons released sample library that provided me with some bird sound effects for The Glory Of Green and a few snippets here and there. I mean to make more use of this vast resource in the future. Xepher, Freesound, and Creative Commons are projects with a purpose I can support, and I'd like to thank all of them and for helping to bring free shareable art to the new world.

Lastly, my family has raised me to be the man I am and still lets me use their out of tune piano. We are all pure of heart.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy listening to Please as much as I enjoyed making it.

Your biggest fan,





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Track Name: When You Walk Off Stage
You can scratch your eyes,
You can eat those fries,
If they make you feel better about losing your time,
You turned your back,
They walked away,
Does being alone still feel okay

You can sing all you want,
You can dance all day,
But who will be there when you walk off stage
Track Name: Love at the Drive Through
I fell in love at the drive through, with a
Pretty girl too good to be true, she
Looked me in the eyes and,
Handed me my fries, man

She probably just didn't know what to do, she
Most likely was extremely new, but
If all went according to plan, she
Would've fallen in love with Dan (that's me)

I went back to find a way, to
See if she could go on a date, but
She no longer was there, the
Drive through seemed empty and bare

I'll keep going back and one day, I
Swear I'll find her really late, I'll
Wait forever in line and
See if maybe I could give her a ride (home)
Track Name: Oh Annie!
Don't like Annie 'cause she doesn't like me,
She's a spoiled little girl with rotten little teeth,
She used to be my friend,
She used to care about me, but
Now all she cares about is her precious candy

Oh Annie! What happened to you,
I think this candy is getting to you,
Oh Annie! I cry for you,
If I loved you, would you brush your teeth?

Don't like Annie 'cause she doesn't like me,
She's a spoiled little girl with rotten little teeth,
If you ever see Thomas, please slug him one for me, 'cause he introduced her to these rotten little treats

(aw yeah here we go!)
Saw annie on the bus today, it's
Her only way home,
That candy gives her stinky breath and,
She wonders why she's alone

Oh Annie! I'd die for you,
If I loved you, would you brush your teeth?
Track Name: I've Got a Song
I've got a song inside of me,
I swear it's clawing scratching eating me,
I don't care if you don't believe me,
It's the song I was born to write, you'll see
Track Name: Bandanna Two
My heart was taken away by the forces of gravity,
And given to a girl not of my choosing,
So for an undisclosed amount of time,
I'll be out of reach I'll be out of my mind

If you're going to wear my heart,
Please wear it as a bandana for me,
And as you're massacring the masses,
I'll be pinching all the asses around me,
Trying to stay as busy as busy can be,
Busy as I can be

I've seen the skirts flying
I've seen the fingers grasping
I've seen the mouths reaching
I've seen the eyes close
But there's no love here my
My heart is a bandana-o
For the girl who plays wax and likes
My glitched piano

If you're going to wear my heart,
Please wear it as a bandana for me,
And as you're massacring the masses,
I'll be pinching all the asses around me,
Trying to stay as busy as busy can be,
Making my songs,
Trying not to be lonely

I'll say everything that I don't mean,
But what I really mean to say is,
Don't forget about me
Track Name: If You Were Satisfied
I've got a hole in me that won't ever be filled,
Not by money, not by love, not by pills,
I've got a raging fire that won't ever be chilled,
I could have everything and still find no thrill

I don't know what to do, and I'm
Thinking baby neither do you

I'll keep trying,
To find my way,
A way to live,
A way to end up okay

These hands will build a world,
These hands will hold your face, (oh)
I want to find a girl and,
Build my own place, (oh)

This heart is filled to burst,
Can you hear it bubbling over the top?
There it goes, it just exploded,
baby would you please go get me the mop?
Track Name: Was
I've read all the books,
I've heard all the songs,
No one ever said,
Tt would take so long,

Oh I'm not old,
Almost young
I've been waiting,
for so long

For someone to sing about,
Someone worth a song,
I've been alone,
for so long
Track Name: Figure it Out
I've been looking for a long time now,
For a way to figure this all out,
Friends and lovers and things I don't know about,
Far off places where buildings reach to the clouds

Saw this film once where a guy he,
Swear to god he looked like he was happy

Wish he'd give me a call,
Wish he'd pick up that phone,
And point a finger,
To my home

Does he sleep all day?
How does he get paid?
What makes him happy?

Think they've got it made,
Think they've got it right,
Somehow they figured it out

They've got it made,
They must've figured it out,
They won't tell us how,
They'll keep it to them
selves, themselves

I've been thinking for a long time now,
And I think I can figure this all out,
Friends and lovers and things that we'll learn about,
Take these hands now and reach out to the clouds

Saw this film once where a guy he,
Told me that I'm comfortably unhappy

Finally made that call,
Finally used that phone and,
Now I'm going to my home

Now I'm on my way,
I'm not playing safe,
I hope I'll be happy

Gotta get it made,
Gotta get it right,
Somehow I'll figure it out

If I get it made,
If I figure it out,
I'll tell you how
I won't keep it to my
self, myself
Track Name: The Glory of Green
I saw the glory in the green,
The only holy thing that I've seen,
Was a very old and ancient tree,
That opened it's mouth and spoke to me,
In the tongue of wind and leaves,
Of the land between the seas,
He told me that it's dying,
And then shed a tear of green

Could I have a moment of silence please,
For the world hiding in the trees,
Just a moment to remember the,
Lovely creatures of land and sea

There was a time when trees were kings,
And you and I were little crawling things,
There are many folks that don't believe,
They can sit and laugh at me

Open your eyes and I'm sure you'll see,
We're all made up of the same things,
I'll wear my crown of stick and leaves,
And leave you to your silly bombs and things

I don't want to hurt anything,
I feel the pain of everything,
I wait for the day you finally see,
that I am you and you are me
Track Name: My Way
There was something,
I was supposed to do today,
I don't remember but,
Tt would have put a smile on my face (oh guaranteed)

I'll keep working,
Oh everyday,
Doing everything I can,
To have my way

You may call me selfish,
And that's fair play
You've got to look out for yourself,
On a day like today (oh definitely)

No one will save you,
There is no fate,
Let me remind you,
You're gonna have to pay

Would you do me a favor,
Tell me what you really want,
Keep working towards it,
Don't you ever give up (oh no no no)

Don't let them tell you,
You don't have the right stuff,
You and I together,
Will build a world,
We can be proud of
Track Name: I Don't Know
I don't know what to do,
I don't know what to say,
I don't know what to think,
And that's okay
Track Name: The Hardest Heart
I hope these words will,
Come to me I'll,
Invoke the aid of a,
Muse or three, (oh)
The hardest things to,
Write about are,
Those things closest,
To your heart, and

You are dear to me, (I don't know)
What you see in me (oh)

So far away and,
I'm still here I'm ,
Too afraid to,
Face my fears, and

We will be alone, (oh but)
We can talk on the phone (yeah)

I just can't de,
Pend on you, it's
Something in,
Side of me and

It will always be,
That way with me,
Independence is,

Darling please for,
Give me these,
Words seem like,
Nothing, but

Here's a song for you (I send it),
With a kiss or two
Track Name: Please
When I was younger I never cared about being right,
When I was younger I found it easy to sleep at night,
Oh, how things have changed

When I was younger I hid in corners and turned out the lights,
When I was younger it was easy to find a pleasing sight,
Now I awake and my hearts cold (and I'm afraid)

When I was younger I believed animals should have rights,
When I was younger I didn't see why we should fight,
Oh, some things have stayed the same

When I was younger I believed in love at first sight,
When I was younger I believed I'd end up all right,
Oh, I'll know when I see her face

It makes me sad to know some of you don't think I'm right,
It makes me sad to know hate will make us end in a fight,
Oh, please see things my way
Track Name: Cured
Thought I was cured,
Thought I was free,
Thought I was pure,
But now I see,
I'm rolling on hills,
And darling this one's bleak

Try to stay high,
Try to stay happy,
I like you,
And you like me,
But something brings me down,

Push you away,
Out to the sea,
Thought I knew why,
Thought I did it for me,
But now I see,
I do it for your safety

I've got a plan,
I hope you'll agree,
Let go of my hand,
Walk away from me,
I'll turn on my lamp,
When I'm ready to meet
Track Name: This is Wrong
It's been so long,
Since I answered my phone,
I'm trying my hardest,
To be alone

And that's just wrong,
So I'm writing this song,
To convince myself,
That there's someone else

Who understands,
What I'm talking about,
When I say everyone cares,
But no one's there,
At all

There's no time for loving,
Oh, there's nothing to see,
Won't you sing with me