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Apotheosis is my attempt at making experimental music that doesn't waste your time. Most of the songs are pretty short and while some of the songs are catchy and - dare I say - poppy, this is not pop music.

I took a break from making music seriously for the last several years. Usually, the way it works is that I get a concept for an album and then I start mapping and fleshing it out. With Apotheosis, it took Zach, my friend who also happens to write and produce music, pointing out to me that some of the songs that I had continued to slowly pump out fit sensibly into a single theme. Most of the work on the album had been done for over a year.

Apotheosis is an instrumental album, but I think you’ll find that even without words the different sounds and feels take you to ponder on certain things. To me, this album is about life, the universe and humankind, and hopefully it comes through. The changes that the world has gone through over the years is what was on my mind while writing these works. The Earth existing for billions of years without human life and the differences in how we live compared with those throughout human history are things that continue to jar my sense of reality. Although they might be strange themes for a piece of music, I think you'll agree that these songs do indeed have a strange feeling to them and if I can create worlds that sound exotic and new but still feel comfortable, then my goal is accomplished.

Electronic music is my home and although I've tried to leave it here and there it continues to be the most fascinating genre to me because there are more possibilities for places that music can go that literally haven't been available before. A lot of these songs are songs that I've wanted to hear, and it's as simple as that, but when I look back at this album as a whole it feels like something that was inside me that had to get out, and that process is what gives my life satisfaction.


I can honestly say that this album would not have come together without the vision of Zach Johnston. I was sitting on these songs continuing to change a detail here and there and probably would've continued to do so up until my very end if it wasn't for him helping me to bring the songs together and edited. Davey Roberts took the album from the mess I had and mixed and mastered it into a whole new cohesive world with a new fantastic point of view. He is the reason it sounds good. Matt Roberts arranged the orchestral and choir parts in addition to playing cello and piano and singing on it himself. I'm grateful to him and everyone else who performed on this album. Your work gave some much needed human touch to the album and took it to the next level. To the people I see and interact with from day to day and to the friends I'm constantly on the verge of losing touch with, thanks for making life enjoyable and meaningful.

-Dan Govier, December 31st, 2012




released December 31, 2012

Songs composed by Dan Govier
Produced by Zach Johnston
Engineered & Mixed by Davey Roberts
Additional Arrangements by Matt Roberts

Cello, Piano, Male Vocals | Matt Roberts
Female Vocals | Laura Muller
Clarinet, Flute | Cheston Van Huss

Album Art by Zach Johnston




lights.on Madison, Wisconsin

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